Facility Management Services
Water Treatment Plant operations & maintenance

Increasing pollution in surface and ground water has made quality of drinking water supplies a paramount concern. Simultaneously a good clean water supply is considered to be the most important factor in ensuring good health in a community.

VB FSC staff ensure that your water is potable by regular water treatment operations and periodic checks of water samples to laboratory standards ensuring a healthy community.


Operations of water treatment plant.
Water sourcing and treatment
Sedimentation, disinfection and filtration
Laboratory procedures.
Water conservations
24/7 maintenance support.


Water quality test: VBFSC staff ensures potablity of water by in house checks and periodical checks by by sending the samples to laboratories and records maintained for internal & external audits.

Data logging: VBFSC personnel stationed in clients place will be provided with customized record books to ensure complete data logging of maintenance, operations, inventories and consumptions and produced during audits either by our engineers or by the management committee.

Technical training: VBFSC provides on the job training that builds technical skills specifically for the maintenance of plumbing system which require dedicated technicians to ensure preventive maintenance of your installations.