Facility Management Services
Electrical Maintenance

VB Facility Service Corporation has a well managed team of dedicated and technically qualified skilled professionals with adequate technical back ground in the field of facility maintenance and engineering services.

Our technicians under the guidance of experienced engineers ensure that your installations are maintained and operated smoothly round the clock 24 x 7 x 365 days a year with one goal in their mind 100% uptime.

Daily & Periodic checks: VBFSC technicians perform the following operations & maintenance by regular checks at your location to ensure your electrical installations are in healthy condition to ensure smooth operations like: Oil level, coolant level, running hours, Voltage, current, Fuel level, Physical temperature, terminal Connectivity, efficiency, fuel consumption, moisture taping, safety controls, switch gears, Yard cleanliness, switching on & off as per schedule, trouble shooting etc apart from periodic checks as per VB FSC maintenance manual.

VBFSC - Electrical Service & Maintenance

L.T. Panels
Motors & Pumps.
Common area lighting
Landscape installation
New installation wiring
Operation & Controls



Operations & Maintenance of electrical installations
Breakdown Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance
Training & Audits
Energy conservations
Data logging
Statuary compliances
Co-ordination with contract agencies including AMC
Efficiency check of installations with appropriate Recommendations
Trouble shooting
24/7 maintenance support

Technical training: VBFSC provides on the job training that builds technical skills specifically for the maintenance of plumbing installations which require dedicated personnel to ensure preventive maintenance of your installations.

Check list: We prepare a site specific maintenance manual for every client and shared with our staff deployed in that particular site for smooth operation from day one. The manuals captures Daily , weekly & monthly checklists.

Data logging: VBFSC technicians stationed in clients place are provided with customized record books with complete data logging of maintenance, operations, inventories and consumptions and produced whenever required by our engineers or by our client.

Support: VBFSC personnel work 24x7x365 days to maintain your installations to ensure guaranteed and uninterrupted power supply.