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VB FSC understands how important it is to service you’re residential & commercial plumbing needs, if a problem occurs in one part of your plumbing, it could be indicative of a larger issue affecting your entire plumbing system. A slow drain could indicate a blocked pipe; a dripping faucet might be a sign of a worn washer.

Our plumbing professionals maintain your plumbing system & water treatment plant by regular checks and ensure that your plumbing system is in good health with adequate supply of water to the needs of your premisies.

VBFSC Plumbing technicians maintain your pipelines & water treatment plant is in healthy condition by adopting to regular & periodic checks like: Checking common area pipelines for leakage in sumps, Overhead tanks and Plumbing shafts, sanitary lines, water discharge, garden pipe lines including operations of WTP, motors, pumps, bore wells etc.

VB FSC – Plumbing Service & Maintenance

Water treatment plant
Bore wells
Pumps & Motors
Common area pipelines
Sewage lines
Garden pipelines
Overhead tanks & Sumps etc


Regular checks & Maintenance of pipelines, plumbing shafts, sanitary lines etc
Operations & Maintenance of Water treatment plant
Preventive maintenance
To ensure adequate water level at all times.
Sourcing water when needed.
Water conservations
Data logging
Co-ordination with contract agencies including AMC vendors
Efficiency check with appropriate Recommendations
24/7 maintenance support


Check list: We prepare a site specific maintenance manual for every client and shared with our staff deployed in that particular site for smooth operation from day one. The manuals captures Daily , weekly & monthly checklists.

Data logging: VBFSC technicians stationed in clients place will be provided with customized data books to ensure complete data logging of maintenance, operations, inventories and consumptions and displayed during audits either by our engineers or by the management committee.

Technical training: VBFSC provides on the job training that builds technical skills specifically for the maintenance of plumbing installations which require dedicated personnel to ensure preventive maintenance of your installations.

Support: VBFSC personnel work 24x7x365 days to maintain your installations to ensure guaranteed and uninterrupted supply of Water.

Water Treatment Plant operations & maintenance