Facility Management Services
Pool maintenance

Most, if not all swimming pool problems are a result of inadequate pool water maintenance. Regular testing and correction of water will ensure a sparkling, clean swimming pool all year round. One will also save money by preventing situations requiring expensive treatment such as chlorine shock treatment and the use of algaecide. Very often an imbalance in the pool water or harmful organisms is not visible and their results not immediately apparent; the importance of monitoring the swimming pool water and the consequence cannot be stressed enough.

VB FSC Swimming pool maintenance


Time to time checking check on water level & corrective action accordingly
Equipment inspection
Vacuum pool & spa
Back wash filters
Empty pump & skimmer basket
Chemical dozing & water sample tests
Cleaning rails, diving boards and stands
Dedicated Employees with uniform
Regular operation & maintenance

Note: This service will be offered only with a complete property maintenance service and not as an individual service.