Facility Management Services
Interior decorators

A good designer improved the functionality, sustainability, appearance and value of our living and working environment. Functionality facilitates an efficiency of lifestyle, sustainability ensures a responsible use of resources and appearance contributes to the enjoyment to be derived from the environments in which we live and work. Collectively they have a significant impact on value.

VB FSC have access to information, industry professionals, trades people , manufacturers and suppliers of building materials, fixtures, fittings, furniture, home wares, plants and garden furniture and accessories, delivering time and cost efficiencies to their clients.

Our services are segmented for a wide variety of markets, streamlining the delivery of every aspect of a project adding value to your property.

VB FSC – Interior Decorators

Residential design
Hotel and Resort design
Office design
Project Management
Quality & Time Control
Understanding of contemporary interior trends
Nominal Price
Finishes and fittings selection & supply
Furniture layout, selection and supply
Custom made furniture’s
Strong connections with industry suppliers, local & national.
Working drawing using AutoCAD & Arch cad
Project management