Facility Management Services
Technical Services

Corporates, Construction companies, builders and communities invest significantly in hi-tech installations like DG sets, Transformers, LT panels, Lighting systems, Water treatment Plants etc, accordingly those assets need to be properly maintained to operate efficiently over a period of time . A well-maintained facility provides occupants with a safe and enjoyable environment while creating lasting value.

VB FSC professionals ensure your installations are properly maintained and operated smoothly round the clock 24 x 7 x 365 days a year so that the occupants enjoy full facility of the installations.

VBFSC –Technical Service

Electrical service & maintenance
Plumbing service & maintenance
Water management

Features & benefits
VBFSC Provides complete maintenance of electrical installations like DGs, Transformers, Lighting systems, LT panels etc
Maintenance of Plumbing system
Operation & maintenance of Water treatment plants
Water sourcing
Preventive maintenance
Skilled, specialised and Trained employees
Data logging & record maintenance with customized check list
Performance of predictive & unscheduled tasks
Disciplined staff with uniform
24x7 technical support